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Vegetarian Parmesan Style Cheese – Gran Kinara from Vorrei 

27 Jun 16

Not all parmesan cheese is vegetarian friendly.

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Review: Japanese Food at Rofuto 

22 Jun 16

Auckinlech House in Five Ways Birmingham was a prime example of 1960’s architecture.

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Father’s Day Menu at Chaophraya 

15 Jun 16

 Photo: Word In Veg Ways When I was telling people that I was going to Thai Restaurant Chaophraya in the Bullring, they weren’t sure where I meant, until I said “it’s the one covered with grass by the church” – “ah yes!” they’d …

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Italian Artisan Goods – The Pop Up Deli Co 

8 Jun 16

I’ve written about my love for delis numerous times over the years on this blog and nothing has changed, I still love them wholeheartedly.

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Steve’s Allotment Episode 22 – June walkabout 

2 Jun 16

A quick walkabout at the beginning of June.

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Culinary Captures – May 2016 

30 May 16

In a month sprinkled with Bank Holidays and bluebells, May’s foodie offerings have been aplenty too.

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Launch Night – Be At One Birmingham 

26 May 16

I am quite choosy when I go out these days, I like to find places where I don’t feel too old, but somewhere where I can still have a fun time.

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Grab & Go at Grand Central Birmingham 

22 May 16

Modern life means we can’t always take time for a lunch break like we used to and often our lunch is bought on the hop with a limited timeframe to eat it in.

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Culinary Captures – National Vegetarian Week Birmingham Special 

17 May 16

National Vegetarian Week is a great platform for restaurants and organisations to showcase their vegetarian wares and it gives us vegetarians the opportunity to find out what’s new as well as for those who want to just be a little more flexitarian…

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Epicurean Mementos Interview – Katy Beskow – Little Miss Meat Free 

16 May 16

In this very special edition of Epicurean Mementos to mark National Vegetarian Week , I’ve invited Katy Beskow aka Little Miss Meat Free , to share her culinary keepsakes and favourite things, offering us a little glimpse of her life in the kitchen.

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Summers Under The Tamarind Tree 

7 May 16

Even before I open Summers Under The Tamarind Tree , I find myself taking a minute or so to contemplate what’s inside, what the contents is.

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Hola! El Borracho de Oro 

4 May 16

Edgbaston has changed.

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Foodies Festival Returns to Birmingham! 

16 Apr 16

After a cracking debut last year, Foodies Festival is returning to Cannon Hill Park Birmingham this summer from 3 rd -5 th June, with plenty of culinary attractions to keep you busy all weekend.

Blog feature
Eat Like a Londoner Article – Heart London Magazine 

10 Apr 16

When in London, where do you go to eat? Do you stick to the tourist trail or do you do as locals do and get out into the suburbs? ‘Images from Eat Like A Londoner by Tania Ballantine, photographs by Kim Lightbody.

Blog feature
Vegetarian Reuben Sandwich 

2 Apr 16

The recent Easter Bank Holiday weekend was perfect for having the time to try out new things.

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Culinary Captures – March 2016 

26 Mar 16

The end of March is upon us and it’s also Easter weekend! I hope you are all enjoying having some time off with lots of Easter treats to boot! As always with my Culinary Captures round-up, I bring you some foodie ideas that have come my way which …

Blog food
Review: Chi Kitchen 

20 Mar 16

If I said to you, “think of an eatery at Debenhams department store” – you’d probably think of a traditional style cake coffee café.

Blog feature
Steve’s Allotment Episode 20 – Seedlings and Seed Potatoes 

17 Mar 16

In this episode, I show you around the greenhouse where some of my seedlings have started to fire.

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Birch Water 

14 Mar 16

Silver Birch Trees Photo: Word In Veg Ways Silver birch trees have been depicted in Ukrainian/Polish/Slavic artwork for centuries.

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Review: The Star & Garter Leamington Spa 

5 Mar 16

Photo: c/o The Star Garter Lunch with my Mother is always a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon and that is exactly what we did recently at The Star Garter in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

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Culinary Captures – February 

27 Feb 16

A frosty February has seen us swoon over Valentine’s Day, toss those pancakes high on Shrove Tuesday and for some, they are still coming to terms with the news that James Martin is leaving the BBC’s Saturday Kitchen show.

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Borderfields #isBetter Challenge & Pesto Recipe 

20 Feb 16

I love those April/May days when driving through rural lanes and you see a vista of bright yellow rapeseed crops in the fields all around you, I find it quite mesmerizing to be honest.

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Review: The Fuzzy Duck – Nuneaton 

15 Feb 16

Other than taking my mother for a day out to Arbury Hall many moons ago, I’ve never visited Nuneaton otherwise, so when offered the opportunity of sampling some of the fayre at one of the town’s newly(ish) re-launched gastro pubs – The Fuzzy …

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Review: Yutaka Soybeans With Pods 

6 Feb 16

I’ve made reference to Edamame soy beans in previous blogposts and as a little legume that I enjoy eating from time to time, it was great to have the opportunity to try Yutaka’s latest offering of Edamame Soy BeansWith Pods .

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Culinary Captures – January 

30 Jan 16

It is really the end of January already? I can’t believe how fast time has flown, Christmas only seems like 5 minutes ago! Nevertheless, the foodie world is busying itself for the year ahead with lots of new promotions and restaurants opening, it…

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Review of Ferment Your Vegetables Book 

24 Jan 16

I felt a lot of synergy between myself and author Amanda Feifer when reading through her recipe notes in her latest book Ferment Your Vegetables published by Fair Winds Press .

Blog food
Gratitute for Modern Day Vegetarianism Article in Express & Star 

18 Jan 16

At times, I’m sure most vegetarians like me think “things could be better/easier/more convenient” when shopping or dining out.

Blog food
Ukrainian Community in Birmingham 

9 Jan 16

This post I know isn’t food connected but with it having strong links with many of the food posts I write relating to my Ukrainian heritage, I thought it may be of interest toyou.

Blog food
Getting Al-Desko with Perk!er 

1 Jan 16

Doesn’t seem to happen at the weekends, but when at work, I get an awful attack of the munchies about 10:30am and again at 3:00pm.

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Merry Christmas! 

23 Dec 15

Goodness me, it isthat time of year again! Where has 2015 gone? But nevertheless, as the year draws to a close I’ve enjoyed reflecting on my blogging adventures this year: everything from my first food festival demo at Asparafest to singing with …

Blog food
Homity Pie at My Cranks Supperclub 

13 Dec 15

‘Tis the season to eat comfort food.

Blog food
Food Roots Interview – Ainsley Harriott 

5 Dec 15

Photo: c/o Jeremy Hicks Associates You only have to say the name ‘Ainsley’ and instantly, everyone knows you’re referring to Ainsley Harriott , such is his kudos.

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Culinary Captures – November 2015 

29 Nov 15

There are some lovely foodie offerings around right now, both for purchasing or as places to visit.

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5 Minute Cocktail With Professor Green 

29 Nov 15

So, I walked into a room, got handed a microphone and was beckoned to join in whilst the rest of the people present were singing Bohemian Rhapsody being led by none other than rapper/musician Professor Green.

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Review of Lebanese Home Cooking 

22 Nov 15

Blustery storms, damp weather, dark nights getting earlier and earlier – this time of year always has me rushing towards warm comfort food.

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Review of Chung Ying Cantonese Restaurant 

17 Nov 15

Chung Ying Cantonese Restaurant .

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Review of New Autumn Menu at Bistro 1847 

10 Nov 15

Photo: Word In Veg Ways Birmingham has become fond of veggie trail blazing restaurant Bistro 1847 and its popularity amongst vegetarians and equally meat eaters alike has grown massively since it opened in the city a couple of years ago.

Blog feature
Review of Sage by Heston Blumenthal No Mess Waffle Maker 

1 Nov 15

Thinking back to my recent travels in America where waffles graced every hotel breakfast buffet, I thought it a fateful coincidence to be offered the opportunity to try out a new waffle maker from Sage by Heston Blumenthal .

Blog feature
Culinary Captures – Postcards From America Special – October 2015 

31 Oct 15

I hope that you have enjoyed my Postcards From America series this month following my visit to the States in September.

Blog feature
Postcards From America: Spiral Diner Dallas 

26 Oct 15

In my fourth ‘Postcard from America’ , my travels took me to Texas where My Carnivorous Husband (MCH) and I stayed with friends for a few days.

Blog feature
Postcards From America: Roxy’s Diner Las Vegas 

18 Oct 15

Photo: c/o www.

Blog feature
Postcards From America – Nobu at Caesars Palace Las Vegas 

11 Oct 15

Postcards From America My second little postcard piece in my Postcards from America series this month focuses on my visit to Nobu in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas .

Blog food
Postcards from America – Food in Las Vegas 

6 Oct 15

Postcards from America So here I am, getting my head out of the clouds, fiercely trying to get myself out of holiday mode and back into normality.

Blog feature
Pop Up Dining at Nomad 

27 Sep 15

Foodies around Birmingham will know of Alex Claridge .

Blog feature
Steve’s Allotment Episode 18 – Autumn 

26 Sep 15

A quick look around the allotment.

Blog feature
Shopping is a Deli-ight (Express & Star Article) 

6 Sep 15

Photo: Word In Veg Ways If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it dozens of times – I really love delicatessens! So much so, I’m almost evangelical about it.

Blog feature
Culinary Captures – August 2015 

30 Aug 15

Here is August’s round up of all things foodie and kitchen based on what I’ve encountered this month.

Blog feature
Veggie BBQ at The Highfield 

23 Aug 15

Having enjoyed their main menu earlier in the spring, I was invited to sample The Highfield’s BBQ menu this month in their relaxing patio garden area coupled with the opportunity of trying out their marquee facility.

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My Top 15 Veggie Foods at Birmingham Independent Food Fair 2015 

17 Aug 15

I can’t believe it’s been almost 12 months since the last Birmingham Independent Food Fair ! Where has the time gone?! And whilst those that attended have been enjoying the memories of last year’s event, organiser Ahmed Ahmed has been busy …

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Dinner at The Rose & Crown Warwick 

4 Aug 15

Photo: Courtesy of The Rose Crown Photo: Courtesy of The Rose Crown The night we visited The Rose Crown in Warwick, it was the start of the Warwick Folk Festival , so the town and especially this gastropub, were in full swing.

Blog feature
Steve’s Allotment Episode 17 – Harvesting early potatoes 

30 Jul 15

In this episode, I harvest some of my early potatoes.

Blog food
Culinary Captures – July 2015 

26 Jul 15

With Culinary Captures now in full swing, here is my round-up of foodie finds that I have encountered on my travels this month: ~~~ Wimbledon may have ended, but the love for strawberries is still shining through well into July.

Blog food
Lunch at Cherry Red’s 

20 Jul 15

There is a lot of love on the Birmingham food scene for Cherry Reds , for both their original Kings Heath site and their café on John Bright Street in the city centre.

Blog feature
Review of Veg Out Cafe 

12 Jul 15

Much love has been expressed for Kings Heath’s Veg Out Café which offers 100% vegetarian food with choices for those observing vegan and/or gluten free diets as well.

Blog feature
PHOM Tea – One Cup At A Time……….. 

5 Jul 15

I came across Phom Tea not quite by accident but in a ‘need-for-refreshment’ way rather than ‘I’m-looking-for-a-new-tea-product’ way.

Blog food
Culinary Captures – June 2015 

28 Jun 15

Welcome to Culinary Captures! This will be my monthly (or thereabouts) round-up of food and/or food related goodies that have come my way or that I have seen on my travels and want to share with you! I hope you will enjoy reading about them and …

Blog feature
Demoing on the Wot’s Cooking Trailer – Asparafest 

28 Jun 15

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love all things asparagus and I have, over the years, written about my days out at the Asparafest event.

Blog food
The One Pot Gourmet Gardener 

11 Jun 15

There are plenty of cookery books on the market right now that feature recipes only and so I was intrigued with the twist within this book when I was given the opportunity to review The One Pot Gourmet Gardener (written by Cinead McTernan Jason …

Blog food
Review of Marco’s New York Italian – Kenilworth 

6 Jun 15

Having enjoyed the hospitality at other Marco Pierre White venues, I welcomed the opportunity to sample the ambience and menu at Marco’s New York Italian restaurant in Kenilworth.

Blog food
Food Roots Interview – Selina Periampillai 

30 May 15

For my latest Food Roots Interview , I’ve had the opportunity to find out a little more about Mauritian food and culture through London based Chef Selina Periampillai .