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Kenny Jackett sacked 

30 Jul 16

It will surprise nobody to hear I’m disappointed Kenny Jackett has been relieved of his duties.

Press conference takeaways 

25 Jul 16

The press conference officially unveiling Fosun Group as the new owners of the club has just finished and these are the important takeaways and my initial reactions.

Good riddance 

23 Jul 16

News of Steve Morgan’s departure appears to have been greeted with more gushing platitudes and watery eyes than a Pride of Britain highlight reel.

Realistic expectations 

22 Jul 16

The Championship season begins in a fortnight.

Wolves takeover complete 

21 Jul 16

Mark the calendar.

An apology 

15 Jul 16

And with tail between my legs, I am going to do my best Andrea Leadsom impression and pull myself out of the #wolvestakeover debate (I am a parent though, for what it’s worth).

Takeover update 

13 Jul 16

Still endless takeover talk, still no press conference imminent.

Wolves Blog: Seeking Investment 

10 Jul 16

Ironically,  rumours of an imminent club takeover last week delayed the release of this important post about our own quest for investment.

Patience and paranoia 

7 Jul 16

When it comes to tongue-in-cheek humour mingled with frenzied levels of paranoia, nobody does it better than a Wolves fan on Twitter.

No smoke without fire 

30 Jun 16

While I am not one for engaging in salacious tittle-tattle, I have enough faith in one or two contacts to report on the ongoing rumours surrounding the club’s ownership.

Give us a new blog 

28 Jun 16

As the comments on Ben’s minutes gradually slide downhill from witty pertinence – mine of course lol – through slight irrelevance, to downright ridiculous – I’ll leave you to decide whose contributions fit the…

Fans’ Parliament – Ben’s minutes 

25 May 16

So the fans’ parliament minutes are out in the public domain, meaning I can share my notes from the evening as well.

My take on the Fans’ Parliament 

24 May 16

Having attended my first fans’ parliament meeting in September 2014 and my latest one last night, I feel I’m in a credible enough position to offer my thoughts on the platform and whether commonplace criticism of it is merited.

Every Wolves player from the 2015/16 season, ranked from best to worst 

21 May 16

Based on appearances, overall contribution, delivery against expectation and personal opinion… 1.

Bloggers’ Ball 2016 

17 May 16

It”s that time of year again.

The Money Shop: An open letter to Jez Moxey 

13 May 16

Firstly, bravo Tom Byrne.

Wolves 2 Sheffield Wednesday 1 

8 May 16

The old saying goes ‘you can only beat what’s put in front of you’.

Wolves Vs Sheffield Wednesday Preview 

6 May 16

This has been a season of regression and I think everyone will be glad when it’s  over.

Nottingham Forest 1 Wolves 1 

1 May 16

What do Dimitri Payet, Mesut Ozil and Dave Edwards have in common? If an answer doesn’t immediately come to mind then you’re forgiven as there is a rather blatant gulf in class between our number four and the diminutive playmakers of West …

Nottingham Forest Vs Wolves Preview 

27 Apr 16

Fortunately, scoring goals away from the barren wasteland that is Molineux hasn’t been a problem.

Wolves 0 Rotherham United 0 

24 Apr 16

I think it was about 1994 when someone discovered the goal in front of the North Bank was too big and the crossbar had to be lowered by several inches.

Wolves Vs Rotherham United Preview 

22 Apr 16

Like most of you, I don’t agree with some of the choices Kenny Jackett is making.

Leeds United 2 Wolves 1 

20 Apr 16

And so this season brings yet another ignominy.

Leeds United Vs Wolves Preview 

18 Apr 16

The first meeting between these two sides back in December was an astonishing game.

Hull City 2 Wolves 1 

16 Apr 16

Fair play to Carl Ikeme.

Hull City Vs Wolves Preview 

14 Apr 16

Nice to be on Sky again.

Wolves 0 Blackburn Rovers 0 

9 Apr 16

There was a time when emulating Man Utd equated to something rather good.

Wolves Vs Blackburn Rovers Preview 

7 Apr 16

Tuesday’s win restored the equilibrium.

MK Dons 1 Wolves 2 

7 Apr 16

From 1ok to 1,653.

MK Dons Vs Wolves Preview 

5 Apr 16

I was looking at the team that 10,000 Wolves supporters roared towards a 1-0 win on our last visit to Stadium MK.

Wolves 0 Ipswich Town 0 

3 Apr 16

As we were leaving the ground yesterday a friend of mine commented that the Italians would have called this the perfect game.

Wolves Vs Ipswich Town Preview 

1 Apr 16

I think some of you felt I went overboard in my assessment of the draw against Burnley.

Burnley 1 Wolves 1 

19 Mar 16

There’s nothing more beautiful than potential being realised.

Burnley Vs Wolves Preview 

17 Mar 16

There are 12 teams below Wolves in the Championship table.

Thinking of the things 

15 Mar 16

I’ve never admitted this publicly but the emotion I most closely associate with running this blog is guilt.

Wolves 0 Birmingham City 0 

13 Mar 16

If Birmingham’s plan was to lull us all into a false sense of security, it worked perfectly.

Wolves Vs Birmingham City Preview 

11 Mar 16

Here’s one to ponder… If a team plays terribly but still finds a way to win, does it justify the shoddy performance? Equally, if the team plays well but doesn’t get the result, is all forgiven? Earlier in the season, I felt…

Wolves 2 Bristol City 1 

9 Mar 16

Never has a last gasp winner felt quite so flat.

Wolves Vs Bristol City Preview 

8 Mar 16

We could do with winning this.

Middlesbrough 2 Wolves 1 

6 Mar 16

Few will have been surprised by the outcome.

Middlesbrough Vs Wolves Preview 

4 Mar 16

As we all know, this is a guaranteed defeat.

Wolves 2 Derby County 1 

28 Feb 16

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

Wolves Vs Derby County Preview 

26 Feb 16

Firstly guys, apologies for the outage.

Ben’s Fans’ Parliament Minutes 

25 Feb 16

Personally, I couldn’t feel any worse about the state of our great club, the general lack of direction in which it is heading and no apparent sense of urgency to arrest the slump we’re in.

Brentford 3 Wolves 0 

24 Feb 16

Christmas is long gone.

Brentford Vs Wolves Preview 

23 Feb 16

Something good to say, something good to say, hmm… Well, none of the bottom four won on Saturday, so the gap between Wolves and the relegation zone remains 14 points with another game ticked off the list.

Huddersfield Town 1 Wolves 0 

21 Feb 16

I like Kenny Jackett.

Huddersfield Town Vs Wolves Preview 

19 Feb 16

Is everyone in agreement we just want to see this campaign 0ut now? Keep quiet, finish respectably and start from scratch again over the summer.

Wolves 1 Preston North End 2 

14 Feb 16

I was hoping to hear something about an injury to Kevin McDonald in the postmortem of another disappointing home performance.

Wolves Vs Preston North End Preview 

12 Feb 16

Apathy is the word that best describes my feelings towards Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club at present.

Reading 0 Wolves 0 

7 Feb 16

Kenny Jackett is unlikely to be an avid reader of local newspapers.

Reading Vs Wolves Preview 

5 Feb 16

At least Kenny Jackett saw the same performance we all did on Tuesday.

Wolves 2 Bolton Wanderers 2 

3 Feb 16

If the intent was to banish the anger surrounding the club’s transfer failings, things couldn’t have gone much worse.

Wolves Vs Bolton Wanderers Preview 

31 Jan 16

I really wanted to wait until Tuesday morning to write this blog.

QPR 1 Wolves 1 

23 Jan 16

In many ways, Rajiv Van La Parra is the ideal emblem for our current side – undoubtedly talented but perennially inconsistent.

QPR Vs Wolves Preview 

21 Jan 16

I really don’t want to labour the point, but I still don’t get why Benik Afobe was allowed to leave so early in the transfer window.

Wolves 1 Cardiff City 3 

17 Jan 16

At the very point James Henry flashed a ball across the face of the South Bank goal without a striker on the pitch to tap home, I thought back to one Kenny Jackett comment at the Fans’ Parliament the other month.

Wolves Vs Cardiff City Preview 

15 Jan 16

Wolves are doing a splendid job of making me look stupid.

Wolves 3 Fulham 2 

13 Jan 16

Kenny Jackett is anything but predictable.

Wolves Vs Fulham Preview 

11 Jan 16

What was probably most surprising about Benik Afobe’s departure is the speed at which it happened.