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Unravelling The Bare Bones of the Matter 

4 May 16

With Fox looking confident, Villa splashed out the £50 millions received for Benteke and Delph and sat back.

Facing A Hornet’s Nest 

29 Apr 16

Well, Villa buzz down to play the Hornets this week having already lost to them at Villa Park.

The Future CAN Be Bright! 

21 Apr 16

So, the Queen’s 90th birthday is passing and there’s been some kind of hint that she also quietly follows the (er) exploits of Aston Villa FC.

The Thread By Which We Hang Will Soon Break 

11 Apr 16

What a year for the underdog! With Leicester in the footballing ascendancy we now have the previously unknown Danny Willett as the Masters’ champion at his first attempt.

Villa’s Position: Isn’t The Reason Academic? 

4 Apr 16

Would you believe it: Leicester City seem about to grasp the top tier title for the first time in their history.

It Seems Everyone Now Has Wisdom To Impart To Villa! 

31 Mar 16

Collymore has a lot to say! (link).

Divided We Fall; United We Stand! 

23 Mar 16

As a customer I generally know when I go into a shop that what I purchase will fulfil my expectations.

Bottom’s Up! 

15 Mar 16

Well, you could say that the owner of the club has drilled down to the basement.

Will Spurs be Cock-a-hoop Again? 

9 Mar 16

Until two games ago, Spurs were looking unbeatable having achieved six successive wins scoring 15 goals in the process: Leicester appeared to be in serious risk of losing their top spot.

The Game Is Over 

2 Mar 16

In 2006 – 10 years ago this year – a Knight-Errant seemed to have arrived on his white charger from across the seas.

Everton Are Sticky Toffee – Villa A Heavy Pudding 

28 Feb 16

The visit of Everton on Tuesday comes at a time when they are (we are told) to reveal new owners.

Fearing For The Future of Aston Villa 

17 Feb 16

There seems to have been a consensus formed in agreement against the current owner, not just on this Blog, but amongst Villa supporters everywhere.

Is It Time To Go Into Hibernation? 

14 Feb 16

I was trusting that Villa (with all their injury and suspension issues) would be able to put in a good enough performance today to at least get a draw.

The Tea Lady’s Big Chance? 

2 Feb 16

The press headlines tell it all, don’t they? “The only signing Villa have made this month is a new chairman”; “Are the lights still on at Villa Park? If so, could they please illuminate us.

Who Are The Real Villa[i]ns? 

20 Jan 16

We’re walking a difficult tithtrope aren’t we? On the one hand we have come to totally disrespect the top brass at t’ Villa, and yet on the other hand we have love for the club, built up over decades.

Bring On The Big Boys! 

18 Jan 16

So, in ten years the slogan has gone from “Proud Heritage, Bright Future” to “Aston Villa do not the fear the consequences of relegation from the Premier League”.

Vanilla Anyone? I Prefer Plain Icing On The Cake. 

14 Jan 16

That sinking feeling has come back this season with a vengeance, but because we have been so close to the drop for 5 years I suppose it could be said we’re inured to the idea.

All We Need is a Touch of Speed. 

6 Jan 16

These days, trying to write anything constructive about Aston Villa Football Club is a real struggle.

A Win Next Match Is A Must-be 

21 Nov 15

Remi has seven days in which to motivate Villa to get a win.

Isn’t It Time That Tim Was Left Alone? 

10 Nov 15

Today I was attracted by an on-line article heading stating: “Remi Garde Already Beloved Because He’s Not Tim Sherwood”.

Perhaps I Won’t Be Able to Garde Against Eating Humble Pie! 

8 Nov 15

Well, 5 stars to the manager for his team selection.

Being Guarded About Garde 

1 Nov 15

We wonder whether KevinMac can stimulate a mini-recovery before the arrival of the ‘permanent’ manager, and we contemplate also whether the apparent nominee for the job – Rene Garde – will be able to lift Villa out of this (now) yearly mire…

Tim’s Out – Is It Time For Thinking Out The Real Solution? 

26 Oct 15

I’ve today seen a blogger write: ”It would be nice if the club were run better.

Match Reports on Interesting Fixtures Since The Start of the League (1888) 

13 Oct 15

I am pleased to state that I have further extended my webpage on Villa’s league results (link here) to include match reports for significant and interesting matches going back to 1888.

The Time of Year For Grey Clouds – But Surely Not At Villa Park! 

2 Oct 15

Jeremy Corbyn speaks of his desire for a kinder world, but he’s clearly not been to Villa Park very recently.

Once Upon A Time, Villa teams were British! 

4 Sep 15

Villa took the field at Villa Park on February, 27th 1999 with an all-English born team (and substitutes).

Here today … gone tomorrow! 

16 Aug 15

I’ve read a footballer’s obituary: a certain Alan Woodward.

Just What Kind of Owner Do We Want? 

8 Jun 15

[My last article before August comes] Aston Villa has rarely dropped out of the top-flight in over 125 years and, more significantly, for more than 20 years before 1915 the club dominated world football after the club’s former chairman, William…

Down … But Definitely Not Out! 

31 May 15

On May 31st we’re all in deep mourning.

May 30th is getting close… 

20 May 15

This image may be downloaded and distributed for personal use only.

Hope is not lost! 

18 May 15

The re-arising of the Villa Phoenix seemed to have taken a backward step, but at least the result courtesy of the flat-bottomed Hull gave us something to ecstate about on an otherwise glum day.

A Cup semi-final versus Liverpool? All you need is self-belief… 

20 Apr 15

Hitherto, Villa’s progress in the FA Cup
had been noted but had not stimulated huge interest until Villa’s local antagonists,
the Albion, were put to the sword in the quarter-finals.

Earning your spurs! 

12 Apr 15

If ever there was a day to need to ‘earn your spurs’, this was it – at Spurs.

Albion are perhaps a bit bigger than “small”! 

9 Mar 15

Well done Villa! Beating the Albion twice within just a few days of course gives us a lot of satisfaction.

Mid-season Managerial Changes Usually Work Well at VP… 

19 Feb 15

The arrival of a new manager brings with it, of course, a fresh perspective that rather depends on the personality and reputation of the person appointed.

A few timely words… 

16 Feb 15

A few words at half-time, a lift in Villa’s play in the second-half, and you could suddenly see the holes in Lambert’s strategy.

Virtually a deja vu from the 60s? 

11 Feb 15

The latest league performance seemed to have ‘relegation’ stamped all over it.

Well, the next 6 games are critical, are they not? 

9 Feb 15

Scoring one goal these days is almost like a win over Man U, is it not? It’s such a rarity.

Did Someone Find A Spanner? 

26 Jan 15

The machine was in need of fixing, so someone found a good engineer and now everything’s fixed – some might say! Having scored two goals, and fine ones at that, and again seeing a Villa defence being mostly well-organised and well-led by Clark…

When There Was Width … AND Quality! 

14 Jan 15

We have heard, have we not, of how the prowess of Aston Villa used to lift the workers in Birmingham so that the following Monday produced an improvement in production.

Boo, boo …. boo-hoo! 

2 Jan 15

To quote some other fans…

The Ref Saw Red – But They Wore White! 

22 Dec 14

While we sit waiting for the Cuban missile crisis to unfold, I find myself ‘twixt the devil and the deep (claret and) blue sea.

An Attitude That Is Shocking… 

14 Dec 14

In the last couple of days, the Daily Mail ran a detailed expose of events surrounding Roy Keane’s short sojourn at Aston Villa.

All it takes is a win or two… 

9 Dec 14

Well, everyone sank to possibly their lowest ebb after the 9 games without a win, but the fans have proved they were just waiting to be cheered up a bit more.

Mind-boggling, or what?! 

4 Dec 14

It’s becoming a truly predictable pattern isn’t it? Six defeats on the trot, hardly any goals and shots on goal all season and lack of confidence sets in; the hoof ball starts and the absent Christian Benteke is looked upon as the saviour to…

Encore, Okore! 

25 Nov 14

Well, there you go …

Mystery Happenings at VP 

18 Nov 14

For the last couple of years some strange things have been taking place at Villa Park.

Enough is enough… 

29 Oct 14

In all its one-forty years, this club has rarely known such tears! Since when did this club suffer – and appear such a duffer? It goes on, and on, does it not? this gross insult to man and tot.

I don’t like to groan, but… 

21 Oct 14

It looks as though my attempt at being positive was entirely misplaced.

Right, that’s got those 3 matches behind us… 

5 Oct 14

Disappointing against Man City.

A Bridge Too Far… 

28 Sep 14

Villa’s performance at Chelsea was (defensively at least) good right up to Chelsea’s second goal.

A Funny Old Game… 

24 Sep 14

Well, football is a funny game, isn’t it? We Villa supporters were cheesed-off by half-time against the Gunners, and wondered why Villa’s performance second-half was not more upbeat in an effort to get something out of the match.

Wow! Is this really Aston Villa I’m Watching? 

14 Sep 14

Was that Aston Villa I saw yesterday? Well-disciplined, organised …

Villa Park Jitters? 

24 Aug 14

THIS was the first home match of the season and yet only 28,000 Villa supporters turned up.

Right … I Assume The Only Way Is Now Up! 

12 Aug 14

A new season is nigh, and having this year passed 140 years of existence the Villa (surely!) will now proceed to resurrect itself and again become a force to make the 150th anniversary a time of true celebration.

A Roar about the Lions Clubs! 

5 Aug 14

Aston Villa appeared to have ceased dealing with me (selling my books) by not replying to my e-mails and phone calls (following the May letter I sent to Randy Lerner), but a week ago I wrote to my old boss at Villa Park (Lee Preece) and asked…

Patience Has Reached Its Limit… 

3 Aug 14

Sustainability has been in the news on and off for some time.

Aston Villa In A Nutshell 

26 Jul 14

I have pleasure in announcing that my latest Villa book (Aston Villa In A Nutshell) is now available! Where else can you obtain a small book (jacket pocket size) that contains all the main facts about the club in just 86 pages? And at only…

Paul Faulkner (2) 

23 Jul 14

I have just seen this article: http://www.

Paul Faulkner 

8 Jul 14