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How publishers could end up helping authorities hack their own readers 

18 Mar 16

The Guardian complied when authorities demanded they destroy the Snowden files So far most of the talk about the Investigatory Powers Bill has been about the lack of protection for journalists’ sources thrown up by powers to intercept …

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This UK podcast is making money – and employs 4 people 

11 Mar 16

Andy Nugent In a guest post first published on his blog , Joe Norman talks to the team behind The Anfield Wrap, a UK podcast which manages to employ four people through a subscription-based business model.

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Mapping tip: how to convert and filter KML into a list with Open Refine 

9 Mar 16

Original image by GotCredit/Flickr If you are working with map data that uses the shapes of regions or countries, chances are you’ll need to work with KML .

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The Guardian and VR: how psychologists helped create a solitary experience 

4 Mar 16

Is virtual reality the next step for video journalism? Catalina George looks at The Guardian’s forthcoming VR project about solitary confinement: 6×9 .

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Which audio app do I need? 9 tested 

2 Mar 16

In a guest post for OJB ( first published here ), Gurpreet Mann looks at 9 audio recording apps, with tips from the Google+ group Podcasting Technology Resources .

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That data journalism MOOC is now available on a new video training website 

1 Mar 16

In 2014 I was part of a massive open online course organised by the European Journalism Centre (EJC) called ‘ Doing Journalism with Data ‘.

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Just add JavaScript: use these 3 tools to get instant interactivity 

29 Feb 16

Maria Crosas Batista highlights ways to get started with adding interactivity to your journalism.

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5 of the best: podcasts about data journalism 

26 Feb 16

Image by Carla Pedret© Podcasts are a great way to listen to stories on the move, be entertained, or keep up with developments in a particular field.

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If the Daily Mail ‘steals’ your visualisation, they’re giving you publishing permission on their site 

21 Feb 16

Nathan Yau has written about the Daily Mail using his data visualisation without permission .

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How to: make an animated GIF in 5 steps 

20 Feb 16

In a previous guest post Maria Crosas Batista created GIFs to demonstrate interactives in action.

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Journalists need their own archives. Here’s how to start one 

19 Feb 16

Archives image by DRs Kulturarvsprojekt Last week I wrote about the problem with trusting Twitter to keep a public record of all tweets .

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HuffPost editor Stephen Hull triggers furious reaction over being ‘proud’ not to pay writers 

18 Feb 16

The Huffington Post’s UK editor-in-chief Stephen Hull has provoked a curious backlash on Twitter following an appearance on Radio 4’s Media Show where he was asked why he doesn’t pay writers.

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How to: convert audio into Twitter video using Voice Record Pro 7 

18 Feb 16

A conversation on Anchor recently threw up this useful tip from Christian Payne (aka Documentally ) – which I’ve also converted into the video above.

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VIDEO: FOI tips from Matt Burgess 

13 Feb 16

In a guest post for OJB, Anna Noble interviews FOI expert Matt Burgess.

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What journalists need to know to fly a drone 

11 Feb 16

Some of the drones that BBC team brought to the session (Photo: Barbara Maseda) Drones – also called unmanned aerial systems (UASs) – can provide spectacular views for TV or online video production which would otherwise be unobtainable.

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11 FOI tips and other highlights from ‘FOIA Without the Lawyer’ 

10 Feb 16

This was first posted on the Help Me Investigate blog a couple years ago .

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5 great data visualisation pieces from outside the newsroom 

8 Feb 16

Some of the most interesting examples of journalistic data visualisation come not from newsrooms, but from creative agencies or companies.

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Twitter’s algorithm changes make it key that journalists take control 

6 Feb 16

New Twitter algorithm: 5 facts you need to know https://t.

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Linking ethically (and for SEO): canonical and nofollow 

4 Feb 16

If you’re cross-posting material online, being paid to include links in a post, or linking to material which raises ethical challenges around taste and decency , there are two snippets of HTML you should be aware of.

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A new data journalism tool – and a new way of reporting uncertainty 

20 Jan 16

On the last day of last year, web developer Ozzie Gooen launched his new project Guesstimate , a spreadsheet ‘for things that aren’t certain’.

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What they said: analytics, bots and devices 

14 Jan 16

When you see a complex issue summed up in a few tweets, it’s worth saving.

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How to: find local Twitter reaction to a national event 

13 Jan 16

When a national news story breaks and you need local reaction, how do you exclude the national-level updates that dominate all the other coverage? On Twitter there’s a simple answer: search within lists .

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Peach: social media meets sensor journalism 

12 Jan 16

Peach includes a feature called the ‘looping photobooth’ Will Peach be to 2016 what Meerkat was to 2015 ? This app fascinates me, but I have very mixed emotions.

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2015 in review: you’re so retro 

18 Dec 15

Snapchat’s breaking news coverage was one of the most significant developments of 2015 It’s that time again: Nic Newman ‘s email has dropped asking various people to do some highly suspect future-gazing (at least I got WhatsApp and the election…

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5 ways journalists can use Google tools – from the Digital News Roadshow 

17 Dec 15

Google organised a free workshop on 14 December 2015 in Birmingham focused on how journalists can use technology to improve and complement their stories.

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Visualising 40 years of organised crime in Mexico: NarcoData 

17 Dec 15

How has Mexico moved from 2 cartels in the 1970s to 9 cartels today? That is the question the Mexican website Animal Político wanted to answer when in January 2015 they started to work on NarcoData , a data journalism project that shows the …

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FAQ: How has working online changed how you write? 

11 Dec 15

The latest post in the FAQ series (where someone has sent me questions and I republish it here) had 22 questions .

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An investigation into football agents – and funding for Flemish-African projects 

8 Dec 15

For the last few months I have been working on an investigation into football agents with the rather wonderful Nigerian journalists Yemisi Akinbobola and Ogechi Ekeanyawu .

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Google Digital News Roadshow in Birmingham December 14 

6 Dec 15

Google’s Digital News Roadshow comes to Birmingham on Monday December 14 .

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How linking brought the Mirror’s Hilary Benn speech transcript to life – while driving traffic & SEO 

3 Dec 15

It’s not unusual for news organisations to publish full transcripts of political speeches – but The Mirror have done something simple with Hilary Benn’s speech on a vote on air strikes in Syria which seems like such a no-brainer you wonder why …

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Respond by Monday: inquiry into cyber security and protection of personal data 

21 Nov 15

The World’s Biggest Data Breaches visualised by David McCandless.

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A simple hyperlocal experiment which shows how publishers can engage with different audiences 

20 Nov 15

Civic engagement? Most readers spent more than 30 minutes on the liveblog On Monday I was involved in a fascinating experiment in civic engagement: 10 hyperlocal blogs all agreed to embed a liveblog of a hustings which would give inhabitants of the …

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“It’s black and white to colour”: Ben Fry on data visualisation’s past and future 

9 Nov 15

Ben Fry published his book Visualizing Data in 2007, before the term ‘data journalism’ had entered the professional vocabulary.

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Come help dig into data on football agents – and eat pizza 

4 Nov 15

Pizzas and footballs are both round.

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17 tips on mobile publishing from Monetising Media 2015 

29 Oct 15

How do you reach an audience which is consuming more content on mobile than desktop – and at different schedules to the traditional print model? At Monetising Media last week industry leaders shared their concerns and strategies for succeeding on …

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Information security: you are the weakest link 

26 Oct 15

Over on the BBC Academy blog I’ve written about 3 problems with source protection, and 3 things we can do about it .

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SEO in headlines: how the colon became king 

23 Oct 15

Someone, somewhere, ought to be doing some research on the increasing use of the  colon in news article headlines online.

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Metrics and the media: we can measure it – but can we manage it? 

22 Oct 15

photo by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid Today I will be chairing the ‘Data Strategy’ track of talks at the Monetising Media conference : individuals in every part of the industry talking about how metrics now inform not just content strategy but …

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How to: convert XML or JSON into spreadsheets using Open Refine 

21 Oct 15

Curly brackets pattern by Dan McCullough One of the most useful applications of the data cleaning tool Open Refine (formerly Google Refine) is converting XML and JSON files into spreadsheets that you can interrogate in Excel.

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NICAR launches list for Spanish speaking journalists 

20 Oct 15

The list already boasts journalists from some of the leading data journalism projects in Latin America A new data journalism mailing list for Spanish speakers has been launched by The National Institute for Computer-Assisted Reporting ( NICAR ) and …

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If you’re worried about the future of FOI, here’s what you can do about it 

15 Oct 15

So, the commission that has been formed to look into Freedom of Information in the UK is worrying a lot of people, particularly journalists.

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Giving a voice to the (literally) voiceless: data journalism and the dead 

13 Oct 15

In the Bureau’s Naming the Dead visualisation , blue indicates civilian victims and red alleged militants Giving a voice to the voiceless is one of the core principles of journalism .

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Research: regional journalists don’t know how to protect their sources, their stories, or their brand 

8 Oct 15

Journalists say sources are less willing to talk because they are afraid of employers.

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Copying images from the web: £6,000 damages awarded in copyright case 

1 Oct 15

Copyright Football by Banksy, image by Duncan Hull A recent decision by IPEC (Intellectual Property Enterprise Court) might make journalists, marketers and bloggers think twice before they reproduce images from other people’s websites, reports …

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How The Telegraph liveblog historical anniversaries 

1 Oct 15

A public domain image from Laurence’s Battle of Britain liveblog The Telegraph’s Laurence Dodds has an unusual claim to fame: he has liveblogged not just one, but four, historical anniversaries:  the fall of the Berlin Wall ; the funeral of …

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Periodismo de datos: Un golpe rápido 

21 Sep 15

My ebook Data Journalism Heist is now available in a specially reduced Spanish translation.

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FAQ: 24 questions about data journalism 

12 Sep 15

The latest in the FAQ series is a whopper: a PhD researcher from Iran asks 24 questions about data journalism.

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Press officers to be given data to back up speeches – will journalists be able to interrogate it? 

9 Sep 15

Full Fact report that the Department of Health is to give press officers data so they can field press enquiries about claims made in ministerial speeches: “An internal ‘data document’ will provide press officers with links to sources for each …

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How Scotland made its council audit data less open (with happy ending) 

9 Sep 15

Once upon a time Audit Scotland published performance data for every council in Scotland .

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Tips from Andrzej Marczewski for journalists interested in gamification and news games 

8 Sep 15

Andrzej Marczewski Are journalists confusing gamification with serious games? Andrzej Marczewski , an expert and thought-leader in the field, tells Alex Iacovangelo that he thinks that journalists should first learn   the difference.

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The BBC’s new statistics role has ended after 18 months. Here’s what the person in that role did 

4 Sep 15

After 18 months the head of statistics adventure is over.

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A crowdfunded contributor on why the death of Contributoria was sudden but not unexpected 

4 Sep 15

In a post originally published on his blog theplan , Contributoria contributor Jon Hickman explains why he wasn’t surprised by the closure of the site The journalism project  Contributoria   has announced that it has published its last issue this…

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When to use shape maps in data visualisation: part 2 of a great big guide 

28 Aug 15

xkcd’s take on mapping , via Duarte Romero In a previous post I explained some of the considerations in deciding to use a map in data visualisation , and went into detail about mapping points and heatmaps.

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When to use maps in data visualisation: a great big guide 

24 Aug 15

Matt Bierbaum’s zombie map allows you to simulate outbreaks When it comes to data visualisation, everyone loves a map.

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VIDEO: Jornalismo de Dados – “Dados no contexto digital” 

13 Aug 15

Inês Rodrigues interviewed me and a bunch of other people for a Portuguese video project about data journalism.

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How one journalist found hidden code in a Google report and turned it into a story 

10 Aug 15

The story found that most requests were made by private individuals, not politicians or criminals.

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The hidden dangers of ethnic minority data in big surveys 

28 Jul 15

Just because a sample is big, doesn’t mean it’s representative of the people you’re looking for.

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16 areas where publishers can learn from retail: shopping news 

22 Jul 15

After decades as a business reporter and shopping correspondent John Cokley has turned his attention to the news business in the book Shopping News .

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In the wake of Ashley Madison, towards a journalism ethics of using hacked documents 

20 Jul 15

Got leaks image by Edward Conde Last week I said we needed an ethical code for dealing with hacking leaks , and promised to explore that.

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Do hyperlocal and student websites fall foul of the new press regulator and libel laws? 

13 Jul 15

The DCMS pubished this image to clarify the definition of “a relevant published” under proposals published in early 2013.