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An open letter to Rupa Huq, MP, regarding official Parliamentary videos 

10 Mar 16

0000-0001-5882-6823 Dear Dr.

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Documenting public art, on Wikipedia 

25 Aug 15

0000-0001-5882-6823 Wikipedia has a number of articles listing public artworks (statues, murals, etc) in counties, cities and towns, around the world.

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United Kingdom parliamentary URL structure: change needed 

23 Jul 15

0000-0001-5882-6823 In Wikidata, Wikipedia’s sister project for storing statements of fact as linked, open data , we record a number of unique identifiers.

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HLF licensing requirement considered harmful 

30 Jun 15

0000-0001-5882-6823 This morning I attended a very interesting presentation on the availability, in the United Kingdom, of grant funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), for digital heritage projects.

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Public Keys in ORCID Profiles 

25 Mar 15

0000-0001-5882-6823 My friend Terence Eden is knowledgeable (and blogs wittily and accessibly) about IT security issues.

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Matching ORCID and other authority control identifiers in Wikidata BEACON 

5 Jan 15

0000-0001-5882-6823 Further to my previous post on finding ORCID identifiers used in Wikidata & Wikipedia , Magnus Manske has released another useful gadget.

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Finding ORCID identifiers used in Wikidata & Wikipedia 

9 Dec 14

0000-0001-5882-6823 As you may know, I’m was appointed Wikipedian in Residence at ORCID in June this year.

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Using AutoHotKey macros to make typing – and life – easier 

4 Nov 14

0000-0001-5882-6823 What things do you regularly type, over and over again? I’ll bet you’ve answered your name, email address, or your username(s) on sites you use regularly.

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It was twenty years ago today… 

26 Oct 14

0000-0001-5882-6823 According to Google, it was twenty years ago today, that I made my first comment in an on-line forum (that doesn’t link to my comment which, it seems, has escaped the archives, but to one which quotes it).

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Wikimedian in Residence at the Royal Society of Chemistry 

10 Sep 14

0000-0001-5882-6823 I’m pleased to announce that I have accepted the position of Wikimedian in Residence with the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), a learned society and professional body whose roots go back to 1841 (see RSC on Wikipedia ).

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Whatever happened to Henry Wheeler of Bath: tailor, naval signalman, and Desert Island Discs castaway? 

23 Aug 14

0000-0001-5882-6823 Lately, I’ve been writing lots of Wikipedia biographies of people who have been “castaways” on the BBC Radio programme, Desert Island Discs .

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ORCID plugin for WordPress 

22 May 14

0000-0001-5882-6823 ORCID , the “Open Research Contributor ID”, is an identifier for contributors to academic papers, journals, and other publications.

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A reply from the UK government to my request for road gritting open data 

6 Jan 14

The government website data.

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Help Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons by transcribing small pieces of text 

3 Dec 13

Are you looking for a voluntary ask that can be done from your computer? One that can take just a couple of minutes? Are you a user of Wikipedia, or one of its sister projects, who would like to put something back? Wikimedia Commons, the open media …

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Making an example xxxxx 

21 Nov 13

The web domains example.

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BBC open licences voice samples from radio programmes; ‘Speakerthon’ event invitation 

14 Nov 13

Over the last few months, I’ve been in discussion with the BBC, encouraging them to make some of their content available under and open licence so that it can be used on Wikipedia.

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Using IrfanView for image slideshows 

7 Nov 13

The other evening, I went to see my friend Peter Shirley talk to the Sandwell Valley Naturalists Club about the wildlife he saw in Canada.

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What have I been up to, lately? 

10 Sep 13

I really ought to blog more often (cobbler’s children’s shoes and all that…), but in the style of a back-to-school, what-I-did-on-my-holidays essay, here’s a round-up of some of my recent activity.

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Trevor Mabbett’s comments on ‘The Man on the Beat’ 

1 Mar 13

Last year, my friend Lloyd Davis did some work with the British Council, digitising their film archive.

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All your video are belong to us: open licence recordings of local government meetings 

12 Feb 13

I’ve written before about what open licensing is and how to apply it to your pictures; and I’ve called for councils and other public bodies to open licence as many as possible of their photographs .

Thank you Herkimer Elementary for a Twitter spam case study 

18 Jan 13

As my Twitter followers and other friends will know, I actively campaign against balloon releases they litter, and harm wildlife.

For I’m a Jolly Good Fellow (of the RSA) 

10 Jan 13

I may have been overlooked, once again, in the new year’s honours list, but in mid-December I received an unsolicited and very flattering email; I’d been nominated, by their Regional Programme Manager, to become a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures …

How may I merge or duplicate Twitter accounts? 

8 Jan 13

I manage multiple Twitter accounts.

Teaching OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia editing, Tupperware Party style 

21 Nov 12

I’m writing (and postingthank you Chiltern Trains’ free Wi-Fi!) this on the train home from High Wycombe.

My interview, about Wikipedia, with Jamillah Knowles, for BBC Radio 5 Live’s ‘Outriders’ 

20 Nov 12

A couple of weeks ago, I reached out on Twitter to Jamillah Knowles , and asked her to kindly record her voice for her Wikipedia biography , as part of the Wikipedia voice-recording project I initiated.

Open Up Your Content – a piece written for Hyperlocal West Midlands 

19 Nov 12

My friends Kate Sahota , Dan Slee and Simon Whitehouse , and Liz O’nions from our sponsors Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council , and I ran the ‘ Hyperlocal West Midlands ‘ (‘HyperWM’) unconference today; the third of these annual events, for local government and other…