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Dr Sketchy’s 2015 Round-up 

27 Jan 16

Well, it’s been more than a year since my last Dr Sketchy’s update  ( part 2 – part 3 ), and you may be forgiven for thinking that I’d not been in the last twelve months.

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The Remains of the Dame – Thatcher’s Legacy in Cartoons… 

16 Apr 13

My first published political cartoon was on the subject of the resignation of Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister, for my then University newspaper, the Warwick Boar , back in November 1990.

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Dr Sketchy’s Catch-up No. 1 – Gender Bender September 

12 Apr 13

As promised , here’s the first of my Dr Sketchy’s updates with the event from September of last year.

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Catching up… 

7 Apr 13

Keen observers of my website (both of you) will have noticed I’ve not been updating this blog particularly frequently recently.